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Transforming Lives Through Authentic Connection and Thriving in the 5 pillars of Wellness.

Transforming Lives through authentic connection and helping others thrive in the 5 pillars of wellness.

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I’ve created these premium fitness classes for everyone starting from beginner to advanced level with an in depth FAQ to answer all doubts.

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With free online classes people who don’t have the time or money to afford a personal coach can make change their lives forever.

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Heather is an author, speaker, and wellness advocate who aims to help people overcome strongholds and become the very best version of themselves. She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years teaching group exercise, personal training, and coaching transformation programs. As a certified holistic nutritionist she has guided and taught people how to infuse healthy and delicious food into their daily routine in order to achieve optimum health. She is passionate about “wholeness” in ones life and teaches others how to thrive by achieving overall wellness in 5 key areas: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, physiological health, and emotional health. She is a devoted wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend who loves to travel, cook for others, share the love of Jesus, and listen to music incessantly.

The Five Pillars of Wellness Blog

The road to overall health and wellness is a journey, and giving time and attention to all the essential areas that enables a person to thrive is crucial. These areas can be categorized into five essential pillars: physical, physiological, mental, spiritual, and emotional. I personally have been incorporating all 5 into my own wellness journey over the past few years and it has been life-changing. So how can you integrate this into your life so that you can begin to thrive? I have created a section for each pillar with some foundational information to get you started! I will continue to post helpful tips, articles, and action- oriented methods on a regular basis! I encourage you to take a personal inventory in these 5 key areas and take not on where you need balance and growth. Behavior change is the driving force to achieving overall wellness. Let’s take a closer look at each pillar and the vital role they play in developing wholeness.

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